Donation Thank you Letter for Non Profit

By | February 16, 2015

Thank you letter towards donation for non-profit seeking organization is written to the donor. The letter will thank the person who has donated money or rendered useful service to an organization. It should state the amount of money donated and also the purpose of seeking donation. The recipient will also assure donor that the money donated has been used as intended.

Sample of Donation Thank you Letter for Non Profit


Mr. Robert Davidson,

The Director,

Global Welfare Organization,

17/ A Oak Street

Devon – 54178


United States

Dated: 4th February, 2015

Subject: Thank You letter for Donation of Non –Profit Organization

Dear Mr. Davidson,

I intend to thank you for your kind contribution of $6000 towards our organization – Kids Education Committee. Your contribution has helped us a lot in doing something for the children of the third world countries. They are not as fortunate as us to get the desired education that they deserve.

With your donation many children will be educated and move towards a bright future. As stated earlier in our donation request letter, we intend to educate those children who have never stepped into the school premises. Some schools have poor infrastructure due to which children are not able to get a proper education.

The money was utilized in buying books and to renovate the school, so as to make it a proper place to study. We have succeeded in our mission and our reports say that things are falling in place.

Thank you,

Yours’ Truly,

Joseph Johnson,


Kids Education Committee