Bruce Wayne

Managing Director

Wayne Enterprises Limited

53 Aspen High Street

Miami City, Las Vegas 4532

Dated: 14th of May 2013

Subject: Acknowledgement of donation received

Respected Mr. Wayne,

This letter is in regards to the donation received by your organization for the charity program we are organizing for orphan children on 20th of May 2013. I would like to thank you on behalf our nonprofit organization for your support and help in the form of donation.

We are organizing an event where children of various orphanages would be participating in order to appear for a talent show. The three winners of the show will be awarded with education scholarship. We believe that providing education is an ideal way of helping these needy and underprivileged children.

The credit for organizing such an event goes to organization like yours who have supported us financially. We are really grateful to you for your generous donation. We would also be providing you a with a donation receipt which will enable your organization to get a tax deduction. We also request you to please attend the event and encourage the children.

We would again like to thank you for contributing towards such a noble cause. We will be looking forward to see you on the day of the event.


Joel Penn

PR Manager

CRY Foundation