A Thank You letter by the Church authority is written to thank the person or an organization for showing their kind gesture or gratitude towards a good cause. It is often written by the authority on behalf of all the board of trustees.

Sample of Church Donation Thank you Letter

Ms Agnes Obel

Grace Running club,

P.O. Box 18175

Macon, GA 31209

Dated: February 04, 2014

Subject: Church Donation Thank you Letter

Dear Ms. Obel,

Thank you for all the gifts that you have sent us from your club. Your support proves that a kind work of donation continues to be a part of this holy world. Through your support, we were able to offer help to the needy and ensure that all their requirements were fulfilled. Your gifts have somehow helped in protecting various people and they will offer you blessings every time they take part in an activity. You have granted an opportunity for the needy to enjoy riding, hiking, or fulfilling their clothing necessities.

We are soon to conduct social activities and a part of your offering will be utilized in making this a success. With patrons like you, the funding of this holy organization has increased tremendously.

We earnestly thank you for your kind gesture. We are happy to inform you that your funding will be used in renovating the broken parts of the church interiors. We have arranged a little get together and look forward to seeing you soon!

Warm Regards,

Rev. Ashley Shepherd

Church Authority

479 Cherry Street,

Macon GA 31201