Credit Deletion Letter

By | May 14, 2015

Credit deletion letter is a letter sent to a bank in which a bank statement bill is challenged by a client in which he/she did not used or spent, the client will pay the agreed amount to remove the bill statement on the clients account to avoid any future lawsuit or dispute. Here is a sample:

From: Mr. Robert Akizuki

98 Weils Block, San Antonio

Arizona, USA #577

To: Bank of Arizona

#5 Hillton Building, Kentucky

Arizona, USA #577

Dated: April 21, 2015

Re: Deletion of charge in my Bank account# 293495-96068

Dear Collection Manager,

I would like to clear something regarding my bank statement last March 30, 2015, I write this letter to let you know that I am disappointed to charge something in may account that I did not use. I am not acknowledging the bill regarding a payment of A Rolex watch which cost $15,000, I will not pay the said debt and I want to remove it in my bank statement. Your bank had the ability to check and verify my entire bill and my credit card account to make all things clear.

I am paying $3,000 into your bank to remove the said bill in my statement so I can pay the right amount of my bank loan, I will pay the said amount in six banking days. If you agree in my terms I will not report this incident to the Bureau of Treasury and will continue my transactions into your bank.According to Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, I can challenge this alleged debt. But if you deny my request and did not get any response for a week after you receive this letter, I will pursue my charges and will further investigate the said event. Kindly mail your respond to my address above


Mr. Robert Akizuki