A cover letter is a type of a job application letter that is written by an applicant who wishes to apply his or her candidacy for a desired post. Format cover letter is a sample layout of the letter that can be used to frame an effective letter. A sample format cover letter is given below.

Sample Format Cover Letter:


Name: The name of the letter recipient is mentioned here

Designation: Designation of the recipient is mentioned here

Company Name: Name of the company where candidate is applying is mentioned here

Address: Address of the company is given here

Date: Date of sending the letter

Subject:  Cover letter for the post of _________ [mention the post]

Respected Sir/Madam

Paragraph 1: This is the opening paragraph of the letter and expresses sender’s interest to seek a particular job position. In this paragraph an applicant mentions the source, references, if any, and introduces his or her candidacy to the reader.

Paragraph 2: This paragraph being the body of the letter details applicant’s skills and capabilities that are needed for the post. This part of the letter contains all the important information that an applicant wishes to put across to the employer such as his experiences, skills, educational profile etc.

Paragraph 3: This is the closing paragraph wherein the applicant requests the recruiter for the possibility of an interview scheduling. This paragraph holds a note of thanks for the reader for his or her kind consideration to your cover letter.


Name [Name of the sender]

Address [Address of the sender]