A scholarship congratulations letter is a letter which is written with the aim of congratulating someone for getting a scholarship.  Such a letter can be either formally drafted or casually, depending upon your association with the recipient. A sample of a scholarship congratulations letter is provided below for your reference. Below given is a sample for reference.

Sample Scholarship Congratulations Letter:


Raymond Andrews

A-45, Princeton Avenue

Jackson apartment, Hudson lane, London

Date: 8th July 2014

Subject: congratulations for bagging the scholarship to LSE!

Dear Raymond

I, George Jackson am writing this letter to you to congratulate you for bagging the scholarship to London School of Economics. I am very happy for you and am extremely proud for this achievement.

London School of Economics is a world renowned University, getting into which is a dream of many. It is only through your constant hardwork, dedication and diligence that you have not only managed to get through but also get a scholarship. I am sure your parents must be very proud but even I and your aunt are extremely proud. We always believed that you were meant for something special and you have proved us right. We just hope and pray that God blesses you even in the future and give you all the great opportunities and experiences.

LSE is a top level institution which can be daunting on some but remember that those who try never fail and those who succeed always have scope to succeed more.

Congratulations for the scholarship again!

Yours lovingly

Uncle George