Recruitment congratulation letter is sent by the agency of a recruitment company or an employer to their aspiring employee who want to work at a company, telling them that they are qualified and accepted to the work they are applying to. It consist of the requirements needed and the date of interview for the application of work.  Here is a sample

Sample Recruitment Congratulation Letter


Mr. Bean Ten

23 Lot, Block 5 Herd Street

Arlington, France


Napoleon Recruitment Agency

45th floor, Burdock Building

Paris, France

Dated: April 20, 2015

I have read your application letter and bio data for your application as an electrical engineer to the Government of France. We are looking for engineer with creative talent and exceptional ability in work,many candidates are now in our office and hoping to get the available job but I see that you had a great talent for the development of our countries electricity industry, I congratulate you that I am willing to take you as one of electrical engineer applicant in our agency, here are the requirements you needed to bring:

  1. Updated resume with your 2×2 passport picture
  2. Police clearance at your city
  3. Two valid identification card and citizenship card
  4. Diploma and transcript of record

Your set date for your interview is on April 22, 2015 at exactly 1000AM in 145th floor burdock building, we will talk and arrange the contract on the said job on that date. Please bring all the requirements mentioned above, wear formal attire and be on time at the said date. We are hoping to work with you and build your dreams with us, thank you for choosing our agency. Please confirm if you receive this letter by calling our number (2343) 2929-9599.


Mr. Fritch Hike

Engineer in Charge