High School Graduation Congratulation Letter

By | May 19, 2015

High School Graduation congratulation letter is a letter sent to students by their as applaud for from being a high school student to becoming a college student, it contains the personalized message of the school and encouraging their student to achieve their life long dreams. It is usually short but with a heartwarming content. Here is a sample


Ms. Reilyn Fores

23 Ford Street, Brooklyn

New York, USA


Brooklyn High School

New York, USA

Dated: April 2, 2015

Dear Ms. Fores,

After the years of hard work and a lot of challenges you faced as a high school student, We at the faculty of Brooklyn High School would like to congratulate you and your whole batch as you pass the third year senior High School! We are also glad to tell you that you are the summa cum laude of this school years graduation. This will be the final ceremony before the start of your life as a college student this year.  Many of you experienced difficulties and hardships in your senior high school days from exams, reports and projects as we believe this are the things that will prepare you to your future careers.  But you passed it all and overcome them, and now all of you will harvest the fruits of your work.

May it be the start of your new career as a college student, as every thousand miles travelled begins with a single step, you must never stop making your each dreams come true, that someday may become a sweet reality that you will forever savor. We hope that we gave you the appropriate education and wisdom for your preparation for your next step in the education life.  You and your batch mates deserve this special day in your life. Our ceremony will be on April 22, 2016 at the stadium of our School, we also like you to prepare a farewell speech to your batch mates and into our school. Once again we congratulate you to your success; we look forward to you and your parents at our graduation day.


Faculty Members

Brooklyn High School