Congratulations Acceptance Letter

By | June 11, 2014


Mr. Alex Ronald

Physics Professor

University of Business Studies



1st May 2014

Subject: Congratulations acceptance letter

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter with utmost respect and honour to accept and thank you for the congratulations letter that you have sent to me. I have received the letter dated 25th April 2014, conveying your congratulations wishes and blessings on my recent success of topping in the Physics Olympiad, held at national level. I heartily accept the good luck wishes and congratulatory blessing that are being sent by you and I feel so glad to have received such appreciating words from you.

Sir, through this letter, I would like to express my kind gratitude towards you for taking out time out of your busy schedule and for writing a congratulations letter to me. It was because of your faith, hard work, teachings and the knowledge that you have shared, that I was able to top the Physics Olympiad. Your continued encouragement and motivation pushed me to perform with excellence and I therefore managed to succeed. The note of your appreciation made me glad and I am thankful to have a mentor like you in my life.

I heartily accept the congratulatory wishes that are being sent by you on my way and I assure you that I will continue to study and perform with excellence. Sir, I look forward to meet you shortly, to discuss about the career options in Physics field.

Thanks a lot for your kind words.


Bob Leo