Mr. Duke Anderson,

45778 Bluestone Street

Forest Road, NY 32068-2503

Dated:  10th of February, 2013

Subject: Salary Confirmation

Dear Mr. Anderson

We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected as the operational manager for GLC Incorporation and we are delighted to make you the following offer.

Your Probation period would be from 01.03.2013 to 01.05.2013, on completion of which you will be entitled to medical, telephone, entertainment and travel allowances in addition to the basic salary.

Salary Details:

Basic Salary                                                    :  $ 3000 

Allowances                                                     :                                        

Medical Allowance                                         :  $ 400

Entertainment Allowance                            :  $ 250

Traveling Allowance                                       :  $ 1000

Telephone Allowance                                    :  $ 250


:  $ 4900


EPF                                                                 :  $ 135

PAYE/SRL                                                      : Rs.       –

Staff Loan                                                     : Rs.       _

We sincerely hope that you would be pleased with the offer made by us and would be willing to join the company. We have enclosed a copy of the offer with this letter; we request you to submit it to the HR department by 20.02.2013 to notify us about your acceptance of this offer.

We are confident that you will prove to be an asset for our organization and are looking forward to work with you.


Ronald K. Wesley

Human Resource Manager

GLC Incorporation