Project Confirmation Letter

By | December 30, 2013


Henry Hamilton

8558 S.Lemont Road,

Darien, IL

Date: 12th November 2013

Subject:  Project Confirmation Letter

Dear Mr. Hamilton,

This is to confirm that our team at “Barry & Palmer” have gone through your project proposal for renovating our office premises at Logan Square, Avondale, and your proposal has been accepted.

We have studied your proposal and feel that the rates proposed and the procedures recommended are workable at our end.

We will however, have to make minor changes to the dates proposed, as the completion date is conflicting with our “Annual Day Event.” As such, we request to confirm if the renovation work can be completed by the 10th of December instead of the 12th?

The “Terms & Conditions” discussed earlier stands as they are, and no alterations have been made to them. The renovation for the third floor will start from the 20th of November and shall continue till the 10th of December (Reminder: Please confirm these dates.) The first instalment of payment stall be made on the 18th of November and the remaining amount will be paid progressively.

Enclosed herewith is a detailed copy of the proposal and our acceptance criteria for them.

Looking forward to hearing back with positive response!


Lara Stow

Head- Office Administration

Barry & Palmer