Mortgage Confirmation Letter

By | June 10, 2014


Mark Paul

Main Park Street, House Number 34

Florida Apartments, Victoria Street



2nd May 2014

Subject: Mortgage confirmation letter

Dear Mr. Paul,

We are writing this letter to confirm your mortgage request. You are requested to acknowledge, review and confirm the information that is with us, in our records also must check this letter carefully and let us know if there are any changes.

With this mortgage confirmation letter, we would like to confirm your mortgage request, reference number 4535333, for the credit period of 20 years. According to the mortgage details and information, the stated mortgage amount is $150,000 and signed under the name of Mr. Mark Paul. The registered date of birth of the applicant is 12/May 1975. Please be informed that your mortgages has been confirmed and approved on the basis of following statements:

1)      The applicant has stated that he never faced any kind of legal proceeding for the recovery of the debt amount.

2)      The mortgaged property is solely used for the residential purposes.

3)      Entire property is for personal use and no part of the property will be rented.

With this confirmation letter, you agree and approve that the statement mentioned above are true and we therefore authorise the mortgage lender to make the necessary proceedings. Please send the signed copy of the reviewed letter, latest by 5th May 2014. If you need any kind of details, please feel free to contact on 59494939.

Thanking you for your kind consideration.


Leonardo Paul