Leo Fred

House Number 23, Main Lavender Street

Wins Apartments



2nd May 2014

Subject: Membership confirmation letter

Dear Mr. Fred,

I am writing this letter on behalf of The Fitness Club and Spa. This letter is in reference to the membership request letter that has been sent by you on 25th April 2014, writing to apply for the membership at our fitness club. We are pleased to inform you that your membership has been confirmed and you can join the club, effective from 5th May 2014.

With this membership confirmation letter, we would like to inform you that you membership number is 334343, made under the name of Mr. Leo Fred. The charged membership fee is $200, which would be added to your monthly fee of $50, for the initial first month.  The membership confirms you to be an executive member of our club and entitled to exercise the services offered by us such as gym, fitness club, spa centres, sports club and others. With this membership conformation letter, we would like to put to your notice that your membership would expire as on 5th May 2015. We are herewith enclosing some documents that you need to sign and send us back so as to confirm your membership.

We deeply appreciate your interest in our membership and we look forward to serve you in the best possible way. Enclosed with this letter is your membership card that you need to carry on every visit.

Thanking you.


Noelle Shane


The Fitness Club and Spa