Harry Charles

Project Manager

Glorious Enterprises Limited



3RD May 2014

Subject: Meeting confirmation letter

Dear Mr. Harry,

I am writing this letter to confirm our meeting that was scheduled to be held on 7th May 2014. This is in reference to the telephonic conversation that we had regarding the scheduling of the meeting and I am writing to confirm you the same. As mutually decided, I shall meet you at Country Club, Victoria Street, by 5:00 PM.

With this meeting confirmation letter, I would also like to notify you that the meeting is subject to the discussions related to the current business project. Team members and attendants from either of the companies are welcomed to ask and discuss the relevant matters and facts. I am sure that this meeting would be fruitful if we participate and discuss actively on the issues such as changing marketing strategies, procedure to initiate, proceed and terminate the business project, risk management strategies, business and accounting, and other important aspects. I am positive that we can bring out constructive results after the end of the meeting.

If you require any kind of assistance regarding the location of the stated venue, please do not hesitate to contact my assistant on 4954949. I would genuinely appreciate a prompt confirmation to this letter. I look forward to meet you on 7th May 2014, with all the needed documents, file works and project reports.

Thanking you for your time and kind consideration.


Henry Williams


Royal Enterprises Limited