Leave Confirmation Letter

By | June 11, 2014


Ms. Martha Wills

House Number 56, Victoria Lame

James Apartments, B block



2nd May 2014

Subject: Leave confirmation letter

Dear Ms. Martha,

I am writing this letter on behalf of The Wisdom Enterprises Limited. This is to inform you that we have received your maternity leave application letter dated 25th April 2014 and we are writing to inform you that your leave application request has been confirmed. We would like to thank you for notifying us with the news of your pregnancy and to let us know that your expected date is 15th July 2014.

As stated by you, we hereby confirm you with your maternity leaves, commencing from 15th May 2014 and ending on 20th September 2014. With this letter, we are informing you that you are a respected member of our team and are entitled to receive your statutory maternity pay. If in case you wish to change the date of initiation or the ending of your maternity leaves, we request you to kindly notify us with 5 days prior notice, so that we can make the necessary arrangements or replacements. With this leave confirmation letter, please be updated that you will receive 90% of your average earnings in the first month of your leaves and thereafter, 70%.

You are due to return on the first working day after the end of your maternity leave, which is on 21st September 2014. Should you wish to return early, please send us the written notice of the same. We wish you good luck for your pregnancy period.


Martin Charles

HR Manager

The Wisdom Enterprises Limited