Chris Nolan

Property Manager

Good Real Estate Limited

54 Little India Road

Iowa, Utah 6523

Dated: 24th of May 2013

Subject: Letter for Bank Confirmation

Respected Mr. Nolan,

This letter is in regards to Jack Sparrow who is purchasing a property from your real estate organization. We would like to confirm that he has applied for a housing loan from our bank and we have approved the loan.

Jack Sparrow is buying a three bedroom apartment located at High Rise Apartments, 47 Little Italy Road, Iowa, Utah 6578. The cost of the apartments is $2,00,000 and he has applied for a housing loan for an amount of $1,60,000 at our bank. We have verified all his documents and employment details and have decided to approve the complete loan amount.  He has excellent credit rating and we believe that he would never default in repaying the loan.  He also holds a savings account with us and has always been a prestigious customer.

I request you to consider Mr. Sparrow for selling the particular apartment. In case you need further information, please feel free to contact us. Please find the contact details of our organization enclosed along with the letter.


Andy Ben

Loan Manager

AZ Banking Services