Audit Confirmation Letter

By | December 26, 2013


Ms. Jessica Dawson


Vintage Designs

North Shore, TX

Date: 19th October 2013

Subject: Audit Confirmation for Q3

Dear. Ms Dawson,

It gives me pleasure to write this confirmation letter, for the audit conducted for Vintage Designs’s accounts, for the months July to September 2013 (Q3). Your bookkeeping records have been validated and no discrepancies have been identified. Further, the records confirm that satisfactory profit margin has been achieved by the company. Congratulations!

Please find enclosed a detailed report of the audit conducted and a “Summary” report for the purpose of being forwarded to the state tax department. Further suggestions for better performance, as provided by our advisory team have also been enclosed. All original hardcopies of the reports are enclosed herewith, and a softcopy will be sent to your registered e-mail ID within three working days. We are holding on to all duplicates for later references. As always, it has been a pleasure serving your company!

I would also like to remind you that for the purpose of annual tax return computation, all booking and accounting records for Q4 must be sent to us by the 15th of December.

Looking forward to your cooperation.

Thanks and Regards,

Bruce Bateman

(Chief- Audit & Tax

Scully & Norton Solicitors)