Restaurant Complaint Letter

By | June 6, 2014


Wella Roman,

Facility Manager,

Sugar-N-Spice Restaurant,

56- Quail Tower,


Date: 24th April 2014

Subject: Problem with the delayed services and rude staff employed at your facility.

Dear Wella,

Hope you are doing well!

I would straight away like to bring to your notice that yesterday, I and my husband chose your restaurant to be the venue of our anniversary celebration. We did the prior booking and invited around 15 close friends and relatives to be a part of the celebration and each one of them were disgusted with the experience your staff gave. It was a shame for us that we selected you facility for our celebration.

We have been a regular visitor of your restaurant and felt that your food and services had a decent standard although the staffs attending were never that friendly. We ignored the negative point of the staff being arrogant, and we planned our occasion at your facility. Now as we arrive with our guests, we see that we are in queue in spite of our prior reservations. After a 30 minutes delay, we finally get accommodated and start to order the meals. The first set of order was for starters which comes immensely delayed and in parts with the guests waiting to be served. On raising the issue to the manager present there, he replied in an impolite way and we were left baffled. The entire course of meal was served in parts and we all could not enjoy our food together.

The occasion was spoilt and staff was in no way apologetic for it. Kindly take the required actions if you feel that I am genuine customer.


Belinda Gray.