Professional Complaint Letter

By | June 7, 2014


The Regional Manager

The United Bank, Chicago Branch


Date: 26th April, 2014

Sub: Complaint against less interest rate

Dear Sir,

I am Martina Geller, a citizen of the State of America, having a savings account [A/C No.:UBUSC789135JRL] at your bank and residing at 156, Lindsay Colony, James Road, Chicago. I would like to inform you that I have been receiving lower interest rate than was promised initially and I would like to have an explanation for the same.

I am a female client of 34 years of age and had jointly created the account with my mother Maria Geller [67 years] on the 16th of December, 2012. As per the scheme I chose, two female clients sharing a joint account will enjoy an added interest of 2%, that is, the net rate of interest would be 12% provided each of them has an individual savings account at this bank. I had been enjoying privileges as promised, but during the last quarter I found my interest rate reduced to 9%. The moment I realized the same I had contacted the enquiry desk at the Chicago branch of United Bank, but since they failed to come up with any feasible explanation, I was asked to contact the personal banker and then the Assistant General Manager, even after which the problem remained unsolved. Last week [17th April, 2014] I was asked to write to the General Manager and apply for an explanation to the problem and I immediately did so. However, I have not been provided with any justification yet and have thus been forced to write to you.

I believe you would understand that it is an extremely important issue that needs to be looked upon at the earliest.

Yours sincerely,

Martina Geller