Michelle Grey

Quality Analyst,

Pure Aqua Water Purifiers,


Date: 19th April 2014

Subject: Delivery of faulty water purifier.

Dear Michelle,

I am writing this letter to mention that recently I ordered the model no. E-92847 Pure Aqua Water Purifier online from your registered portal on 15th of March 2014. The process of ordering it was easy and the delivery of the product was done just within 48 hours. Your engineers were there to install the product and I became a content customer of your product and services.

Initially the flow of water was smooth but after one month of the usage of the product, issues started to pop up. I thought to bear with it and then after ten days raised another issue. I can now see particles of dirt in the water that comes out of the purifier. It seems that either the water purifier is not functioning properly or the engineers have installed it in a faulty manner. I request you to address this issue at the earliest by either sending one of your engineers to work on the faulty piece or by getting it replaced altogether. Now, that I am writing to you, I expect that I will get a chance to appreciate your after sales customer service as well.

For your perusal, I am attaching the copy of the online transaction done for purchasing this product. It should be sufficient to provide you all the details you require for working on this faulty piece. For any other queries feel free to get in touch with me.

Best Regards,

Christina Blossom