Medical Complaint Letter

By | June 6, 2014


Christine Fisher,

Chief Medical Officer,

15/2 Marina Bay side,

Western London.

Date: 25th April 2014

Subject: Complaint against the Dermatologist, Dr. K.S Paul in Sunshine Hope Clinic.

Dear Christine,

Warm greetings for the day!

I would like to bring to your notice that 3 weeks back I visited Dr. K.S. Paul’s clinic by the name of Sunshine Hope Clinic in Marigold Avenue. The visit was to show my daughter who is 5 years old and was suffering from some scalp irritation.

On the first instance, the doctor seemed to be friendly and knowledgeable and after examining, he prescribed an ointment and some medicines. I followed the prescription as per his guidelines for week but then I felt that instead of relief my child is much more in irritable situation. I rushed to the doctor and told him my concern; the answer that I got was that patch of irritation will first aggravate and will then go off gradually. I although was not completely convinced, I chose not to challenge a medical practitioner. In the second week I saw tremendous hair fall from the patch where the ointment was being applied. I stopped its use immediately and consulted him. He examined the situation and in turn blamed me for over usage of the ointment and medication because of which he declared that the hair follicles have been permanently damaged.

I am in a state of immense despair and I am consulting other good practitioners who say that the ointment suggested was way too harsh for a child’s scalp. I would sincerely request you to take this matter seriously and call an inquiry over the same as he now proves to be a practitioner who might harm other patients as well.

Eagerly waiting to hear back from you,

A worried mother,

Belinda Lyall.