Landlord Complaint Letter

By | June 6, 2014


Nicholas Brown,

Head of Society Welfare Association,

Blue Roofs Residency,

Annapolis, Maryland.

Date: 25th April 2014

Subject: Complaint of the landlord for defaults in the electricity bill payment.

Dear Nicholas,

This is to bring to your notice that I am a resident of the Blue Roofs Residency, of which you are welfare in charge. My name is Allison Kortney and I am residing on the first floor of house no. 78 and I have severe issues with my landlord.

Our rent agreement deed says that I need to pay my landlord the decided amount of rent along with the electricity bill at the beginning of every month so that he can clear the dues within the first week. I have done that without fail for the past four months but this is the second time I have face the issue of default in electricity bill payment. The people from the electricity department come to building and terminate our connection temporarily and then one of the tenants needs to take a call on this and clear the default. When we discussed this matter with the landlord, who is very stern young man by the name of Steve Marrison, he tends to become abusive and fights back.

Kindly intervene in this matter and get this sorted as me and another tenant who is living on the second floor is facing this issue repeatedly and we have to unnecessarily shell out extra money from our pocket. We are unable to vacate this place as we have already entered into a six months contract with this gentleman.

Thanks and Regards,

Allison Kortney