John Worthington

Customer Care Executive

Vistrom Auto Corp

Los Angeles, California

United States of America

12th May, 2013

Subject: Complaint of faulty auto parts

Dear John

I recently bought a white colored car of the Stylus model from one of your showrooms in Los Angeles. I had a very high expectation from it, but to my disappointment, the car was not up to the mark. I spoke to some of my friends who own the same car and I realized that the problems were only with my car and not the model and make of the car. Firstly, the windows were not opening completely, which I thought was done as per the styling of the car. Also, the engine made a peculiar noise, which was not expected by me. I would also like to point out that the upholstery used in the front seats and back seats is similar but not exactly the same. I had checked this out with my friends who confirmed that it was a mistake on behalf of the manufacturers.

I have bought this car with a lot emotions attached and thus I would like you to take all necessary action so that these problems are rectified at the earliest. Please ensure that I do not have any more complaints regarding the car in future as well.

Thanking You

Jason Bingham