Genelia Murdoch

Manager- Customer Retention

Speed of Light Broadband Service

14C, King’s Cross Circle,



9th November 2013

Subject: Complaint letter for intermittent broadband service

Dear Ms. Murdoch,

I recently changed over from my previous broadband service provider and engaged the services of Speed of Light Broadband Service after quite a few of my friends endorsed it. Not only my work but I was also suffering because of the problem of intermittent connectivity with my previous broadband service provider, and I hoped that things would be better with your company, and initially it was. I got my welcome and starter kit from your company on the 5th of November 2013 and I was able to set it up after calling up the technical help desk.

But, the problems started from the day before yesterday, that is, the 7th of November 2013, after only two days of installing the broadband connection. When I called up the technical help desk and told them that I was facing issues like dropping and intermittent connection, I was shocked to hear the excuses and face such an unprofessional behaviour. They told me that I should wait for a day or two, since it was a new connection and that the connection was intermittent or dropping because of this. Though I might be a new customer, I hope my issues are properly redressed.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely

Jeremiah Stevens