Complaint Rejection Letter

By | January 10, 2014


Jeremiah Stevens

113, Rink Road,

Upper Avenue, London,


9th November 2013

Subject: Rejection letter of complaint of intermittent broadband service

Dear Mr. Stevens,

This letter is to convey my most sincere apologies about you having to face such an issue with your broadband service from our company. We have already looked into the matter and I can tell you that for our company, it does not matter whether you are a new customer or an old one. We look forward to forging new relationships so that we can grow old with them. On behalf of Speed of Light Broadband Service, I would like to ascertain that the kind of unprofessional attitude and behaviour that you have had to face is unprecedented and we are doing everything in our capacity to give you a better customer service experience.

But with a heavy heart I have to inform you that, the reason cited by the technical associate for the problem of intermittent connection on your broadband service, is in fact correct. Each modem comes with a configuration code and it takes at least seven working days for your modem to get configured and since it was only the third day post installation, you had to experience the issue regarding intermittent connectivity. I also apologise on behalf of the associate who did not clarify the situation to you.

I hope I have been successful in giving you a satisfactory answer and also hope that you continue using our broadband service and see the difference for yourself.

Yours sincerely

Genelia Murdoch

Manager- Customer Retention

Speed of Light Broadband Service