Harry Monroe,

Operations Head,

Hotel Apple Orchards,

190- West Coast,

Annapolis, Maryland.

Date: 29th April 2014

Subject: Complaint regarding hygiene issues in Hotel Apple Orchards.

Dear Harry,

Hope this letter finds you in the best of health and spirits. I am writing to you to mention some of the major hygiene issues I faced while I was staying in one of your facilities in Annapolis. Your absence in the facility and the irresponsible behaviour of the staff there has certainly shaken our trust over the chain of Hotel Apple Orchards worldwide.

I and my husband planned a stay in Hotel Apple Orchards, Annapolis for our 5 day long vacation. Our check-in to the hotel was smooth but soon after entering, we noticed pests in the facility like lizards and bugs in the beds. We raised the complaint to your facility manager present there and he instead of taking an action replies that nothing can be done about the lizards while they can help us with a change of bed sheets. We requested them for a room which was free from such pests but they declined our request. After a while all that was done was changing of the sheets which were again filthy and smelly. The staff told us that are the best they can offer to us.

Due to high issues with the hygiene we decided not to take our pre-booked meals there. In-spite of us having our meals out in some other hotel, the facility manager charged us for the same.

I am requesting you to kindly see to what can now be done in this case as our vacation was absolutely spoilt because of the irresponsible behaviour of your staff.


Kelly Mattew.