Complaint Letter to Bank

By | January 10, 2014


Nathaniel Hawthorne

Manager – Customer Service

Gringotts Bank Pvt. Ltd.

134, Upper East Side Circle,



9th November 2013

Subject: Complaint letter for lack of sensitization of the office premises for the physically challenged.

Respected Sir,

This letter is with regard to an uncomfortable experience I had when I visited Gringotts bank Pvt. Ltd. last week. Before I go into the details, I must state two facts – one, I am a 76-year old physically challenged customer, and two, I have been a customer of this bank for the last 10 years. Last week, when I went to the Upper East Side Circle Branch of your bank, I was confronted with a shocking and rude predicament.

Since I have been confined to the wheelchair for only the past year and did not visit the branch before this (as a wheelchair bound customer), I found that absolutely no effort has been taken by the bank to sensitize its staff and premises for the physically challenged customers. When I entered the branch, a flight of stairs welcomed me and there was no plank or inclined plane, which I could use. With a lot of effort when I finally made it to the escalator, I found that the buttons were too high for a wheelchair bound person, hence, I had to ask for help from my fellow passengers on the escalator.

The last nail in the coffin was hammered when I approached the personal banker and without even looking up at me, he asked me to take a seat and when he realised that I was already wheelchair bound, he did not apologise even for the faux pas. I write this letter with the hope that you would make some amends and include sensitivity to physically challenged customers as part of your training and also try to incorporate new changes in the layout of the building, so that physically challenged people can visit your branch with a little bit of dignity.

Hope to see some changes in attitude and service.

Yours sincerely,

John Goodman