Complaint Letter to Apartment Manager

By | June 7, 2014


Mr. P.K Stevenson

Apartment Manager

Knightley Woods Housing Complex

1050, Palm Avenue

San Francisco, USA

Date: 26th April, 2014

Sub: Complaint to apartment manager regarding sanitation facilities

Dear Sir,

I am a resident of your housing complex Knightley Woods – Apartment Number 15/II, and have been staying here since 15th May, 2010. I have lately been facing serious sanitation problems in this area, and that is why I thought of writing to you regarding the same.

I have been a satisfied member of your housing complex, for it has always been a nice place to live in – with transportation and communication facilities being very sound and surrounding areas being appropriate for proper and healthy urban living. However, since the last four months I have been facing severe troubles regarding the sanitation system of the complex. The water, obviously, is the most major concern. The color of tap water is gradually growing brownish each passing day and the formation of sediment layers is quite a recurring problem these days. I have discussed this issue with my neighbors and other residents of the complex and many of them seem to agree. As I do not see any signs of the problem being solved or any filtration processes and other related measures being undertaken, I am really worried regarding the health conditions of my family because of these poor sanitation conditions.

I would request you to look into this matter as soon as possible, for it is really important that we live in a healthy and sanitized area. It would be nice if you could come up with a permanent solution to this problem within 15 days, as otherwise we will have to consult the government bodies to handle the issue.

Yours sincerely,

Derek Portman