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Sam Parker

Project Manager – Heritage School Project

1st March, 2014

Sub: Complaint for mismanagement of project schedule

Dear Sam,

It is really very sad that I have to send this letter to complaint against your irresponsible actions regarding the completion of the Heritage School project. This is the perhaps the first and certainly the last time I am writing to you officially for proper management of the project.

The project was handed over on the 14th of January, 2013 and was scheduled to have been completed by 1st March, 2014. Having considered your experience, talent, and skills to perform at the job front, you were appointed to lead the team and manage all corresponding activities. I had assured the higher managerial authorities of a successful completion of the project under your guidance. Initially there was a steady progress in the work and I was pleased to have made the right choice, but the drop that came in by the end of September, 2013 was really shocking. I had tried to enquire and understand the real reasons behind the lag, but to no avail. The entire team suddenly seemed to be disturbed and the most striking part was your irregularity.

It is already a month late and almost 20% of the work is still untouched. I believe you understand the significance of this particular project. I have always respected your dedication towards work; it is indeed hurting to see you this way. Please feel completely free to share with me in case you are facing any sort of personal or professional problem, which is responsible for hampering your concentration in the project.

I really need this to be completed at the earliest. I need an explanation for the current status and also a final deadline agreed upon.


Tim Roberts

CEO, Revolution Constructors and Co.