Derek Beckham,

Senior Manager- CSD,

Haier Air conditioners,

14th Chamber, Hudson Lane,

West Coast, Annapolis.

Date: 25th April 2014

Subject: Complaint of poor services provided by the serviceman.

Hi Derek,

Hope you are doing well!

This is to bring to your notice that I registered a complaint for my Haier air conditioner purchased from Marla Electronics six months back. My complaint number is HAC#726379 and the air conditioner was due for a free service within warranty period.

On registration of my complaint one of your engineers came to check the condition of my air conditioner which clearly showed leakage of water from the front panel. The engineer tried checking for the fault and probably he could not find the actual cause. Although he pretended that the work was done, I checked the functioning of my machine in front of him and it seemed to be okay. Later, when the machine was functioning for more than 30 minutes, the same problem persisted and I gave him a call back. He answered the call and I explained the entire situation to him. His tone suddenly changed and he blamed me instead for not using the machine properly and refused to visit me back.

Now, my free service for the machine has expired without any good and the customer service desk refuses to help. Kindly help me with a solution to this problem as not even a single day passed that the service was done and the machine again was in its faulty shape.

Looking forward to get a positive response from you


Victor Brian.