Airline Complaint Letter

By | July 3, 2014

An airline complaint letter is written by an individual who has had an unpleasant experience with the airlines in question and wishes to bring his inconvenience in light across the individuals responsible at the airline through his/her letter. The complaint letter includes details of the flight and reason for complaint.

Sample Airline Complaint Letter:


Mike Finnigan

Customer Relations Department




2nd June 2014

Subject: airline complaint letter

Dear Mr. Finnigan,

I am writing to you in connection with flight number R5678LX which I booked on 14th May 2014 from London to Liverpool. My flight and airline experience, I must say with utter disappointment was unpleasant.

The overhead light just above my seat was not functioning properly and even after repeated complaints to the flight attendants, no help came. I was supposed to finish my month-end report which was quite crucial and hence I was counting on the flight time to wrap it up. Unfortunately, that inoperable overhead light quite easily haltered my plans and this resulted in delays. It was an unnecessary inconvenience that could have been easily avoided had your airline’s technical staff fixed the problem before the passengers boarded the flight.

I have almost always flown through FinAir and my experience has never been bad. Naturally, I was quite taken aback by the recent displeasure I went through. I am quite sure that this problem will be well looked by the concerned authority. I hope no other passenger is negatively affected like this.

Looking forward to your response and action in this regards.


Joseph Willington