Christmas day is the mark of the birth of our God Jesus Christ which means that the savior has arrived to mankind to follow his footstep of righteousness. It is also the time to be thankful for all the blessings and support you acknowledged from the people helped you and from God, with this Thank you Christmas letter is the tool you need. Here is a sample:

Sample Thank you Christmas Letter

To our kind and responsible Mother,

Mom first of all I want to tell you how much I loved you, this Christmas I will do my best to correct all may mistakes I have done to this family. Without you as our mother, we will not be what we are today, for that our sincere gratitude for all the concern and love you showed to us, you never let yourself be first but as, gives us what we need and do your job as a mother to us.

I want to make our Christmas day a very memorable one as along with this letter is the gift you ever wanted, forgive me if I do some bad things to you, I do not understand what you are doing to me even if it’s awful in my view but in due time I will understand as will never comprehend how a mother’s love to her offspring’s is. Mom we love you and we want you to have all your wishes be granted this Christmas, our wish is for you to be happy, stay in shape and be there when we need you; we love you Mom, thank you for everything, our family will be only whole when you are at our side.


Your Son James