If you like to mix the Christmas spirit with a sense of humor, funny Christmas letter is the most effective tool to use if you want to give the important people around you of your naughty messages as the season to be jolly be more blissful and lively. Aside of the usual letter, it can be made with humorous and awareness of life as a new way of telling your Christmas message to others. Here is a sample:

Sample Funny Christmas Letter

To all the people reading this!

It’s already the celebration of the birth of our creator; let the holiday spirit be in our hearts and action! It’s only a day for a year, make it more than you could ever imagine. Don’t let the outside world let you forget the true meaning of Christmas as it is the time to give to people our happiness and true love not only for this occasion but every day of our life! Gifts you receive under the Christmas tree and to other people arejust physical things that give us temporary happiness, find the joy in helping others, sharing goodness and keeping the peace in our community!

Many are called for this but only few are doing this, for the coming year may you spread this duty and make the few be everyone else do the world will be a better place to everything here in Earth. Greet the neighbor you haven’t talk for a while, settle some misunderstanding to people around you, tell your family and loved ones how you really care for them as our time here is just too precious to waste in just nonsense or foolish things. Merry Christmas and a fun holiday to all of us!!

Yours caring,