Christmas Letter to Uncle

By | December 16, 2015

Having an Uncle in the family is like having a second father, whenever your father is not around they are always there to guide you in your life and assist you when you’re in difficult situation. A Christmas letter to Uncle is telling your uncle your thankfulness that he did not leave you and this Christmas you want to tell him how you really need his guidance.

Sample Christmas Letter to Uncle

To my second Dad,

I just want to say Merry Christmas to my extraordinary Dad who has been my father from my childhood. Even if I am just your niece you are always in my side to take care of me and teach me of what should I do to be a grown up. I know that you are not my real father but you have taken the responsibility as one for me, you never prioritize yourself but my condition first. I appreciate all of your sacrifices just to give me what I need in school, the gifts for my birthdays and the outdoor travel we have to teach me that there is more in our life than just studying or working.

All of your teachings will be here at my mind and heart as it will be also my lessons for my children when I have one. I wish you more years to come and good health as you become weary, I promise that all Christmas will be a memorable one, I will take a good care of you and give you all that you need like you did when I am just a little girl. Merry Christmas Dad and I love you!

With love,

Ms. May Nathan