Christmas Letter to Son

By | December 15, 2015

Being a parent is a blessing and having a first born son is the best gift any parent would wish for. A Christmas letter to son is telling your big man how you feel for him as his parents and to tell your love for him as the year comes to a new one. Here is a sample

Sample Christmas Letter to Son

Dear Albert,

Merry Christmas to our only son! I and your mother wish you all the best and a happy life wherever you go. We would like to thank God for giving you as our son who is always there to help and assist us in our daily needs. We wish you could go home here in our town so you could celebrate the Christmas with us, even if we you have a hectic schedule at work, you mother always wish you here at our side as we are getting older and we don’t know how long can we stay here in this world with you. I hope you could go home before the Christmas day so we can prepare the meal table and the gifts like we always do when you are just a child.

We miss you so much son, please give us the opportunity to spend this special holiday with you, you are the wonderful blessing we have and we will cherish all the precious moments with you. Time is really flying away and we don’t want you to be carried away with it, we will wait you here and prepare your favorite food when you got home. We hope to hear a message with you when you received this letter, we love you so much Albert!

Yours truly,

Dad and Mom