Christmas Letter to Sister

By | December 16, 2015

Having a sister means that they are always there to watch your back and be in charge when the parents are not around. Christmas letter to sister tells your appreciation to the responsibility that they have in your family and the care that is always there in their presence.

Sample Christmas Letter to Sister

To my sister Helen,

The season that we always wait is finally here, I just want to say how I really sanctified by having a role model sister like you. I want to celebrate this Christmas with you and our siblings as they are always here to follow your preach and the right thing to make our life’s better like you always told us to do, even if our parents are not right here, I can say that they are proud to you as you become the daughter they wanted to be, a successful person and a responsible sister to her siblings.

I know we have some times of dispute and misunderstandings but I always say to myself that you just want the best for me and to our family, I throw those trash memory away and want to become a whole family with our siblings. I want to make this Christmas an outstanding occasion to all of us, we always pray to be healthy as you can be and be away from bad things of life. I will wait for your letter once you received this so we could prepare the home for your coming. Take care and let’s keep in touch my sister.


Mary Madeleine