Christmas Letter to Prisoner

By | December 16, 2015

Being in the jail holds your freedom and your dreams so spending your lifetime is a lot of distressing and in deep pain as every year goes by. A Christmas letter to prisoner is one way to alleviate their suffering as Christmas comes by telling them that there is always hope in their situation and they will have the justice they always been waiting for a long time.

Sample Christmas Letter to Prisoner

To Mr. Osama Hussein

We at the Bureau of Correction want to greet you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year even if your still here at our facility. We know that you are not alone when you feel the loneliness and absence of your family or loved ones when the holiday comes so we would want to say to you that we are having a mass and a party on the Christmas eve with all of the inmates and jail guards just to remind us that we still have hope in our life when our problems goes tough.

We at the administration office would also want to congratulate you that your parole is near to release as the President already sign your request and be release for your crimes committed, we hope that this will be the last holiday you will spent here in the correction facility. Let’s celebrate the holiday with smile as the Christmas marks the day our redeemer has been arrived to save us from evil and ignorance. We wish you all the best and happiness in life, if you have any queries or want to volunteer for the said event you may come to the administration office. Thank you so much for your support!


Mr. Bean Dere

Officer in Chief, Bureau of Correction