Christmas Letter to Mother

By | December 16, 2015

Being a mother is a lifetime commitment that most women find challenging and satisfying in their life as they fulfilled their duty as women. This season give them a Christmas letter to mothers as a present in all their hard work and love they give to you every day of the year.

Sample Christmas Letter to Mother

To my one and only Mother,

Ma I always wanted to say I love you so much, I know this sounds a lot cheesy and makes me look like a little child for you. Even if this letter sounds late, I want to say that you are the women that I always wanted in our life together with Dad and my siblings. Forgive us when we have some fights before, I am foolish at those times. I know you are in good place right now; we are doing well but still different when you are around.

We always look for your care especially in the morning when we wake up for school; you are always there to prepare our meals and gives us dress when we go to school. We are still adjusting since you were gone Mom, and this Christmas is the first Christmas we will celebrate it without you in our home, please tell God to keep us strong and love each other, keep to us your teaching and always do good. I know you just wanted the best for us why you did those things in the past and I understand them all right now, you will always be here in our hearts Ma, Merry Christmas and we love you so much with your Grand sons!