Christmas Letter to Daughter

By | December 16, 2015

For a couple that having a daughter means they have a princess that they will look for and raise as a woman who will take care of her parents and siblings. A Christmas letter to daughter is a way of expressing the love of parents to their daughter/s and Christmas is the best time to tell it to her.

Sample Christmas Letter to Daughter

To my Daughter Elise,

Christmas is already in the air, when you read this letter; I and your father are going to Canada to settle our business deals with our clients there. I do not wish that you understand what we are doing today but when the time comes I hope that you see that we do this as love for you. I want to say how it means a lot to me when this holiday comes in our life as your parents, even if we are not on your side like other family does this Christmas, just give us a call when you feel sad.

This holiday reminds us of the joy of having a family and a good daughter like you at our side, we would want to say to you that we miss you so much and we want to show our happiness by giving this gift that you wanted last year. As your parents we are doing these sacrifices for your own future so we could give you a better life and be a triumphant woman as you can be. Just a few more months then we will be complete and all the holidays will be celebrated by our family as whole, we love you so much Elise, be a good girl always.

Yours sincerely,

Your Mama and Papa