Christmas Letter to Brother

By | December 16, 2015

A brother is the person you can rely on in big problems and will be at your side no matter what happens; a Christmas letter to brother will inform him that you appreciated all the hard work that he did for you and the things he does even if it’s a punishment to show how he really want you to become a good person.

Sample Christmas Letter to Brother

To my big brother Ben,

Yes brother, I am writing this letter this Christmas to tell you how lucky I am to have a brother like you that always been there to help me of all my home works and projects. I hope that you would never change, I give you this game console so you will never go outside and play to our neighbors as you always did every afternoon, I want to play the games you wanted to play together with Mom and Dad.

I hope that I make your Christmas a happy one as I really did my best to save the money just to buy the game console you sought after almost a year, don’t go outside anymore every afternoon, call your friends and play the games you like; just help me finish all my school works and teach me the lessons I find hard. When I get good grades you will be the first one to see it. You are important to our family like our parents tells us, let’s celebrate this Christmas as enjoyable than ever before, I am your little sister that will tell you to wake up in the morning and share the meal in the dining table.