Christmas Letter to Boss

By | December 16, 2015

A Christmas letter to boss can surely express your appreciation to your boss or employer as they are the one who gave you work and this Christmas you want to know him or her that you are thankful for the chance given to you, make it by writing the letter intended only for them.

Sample Christmas Letter to Boss

To our Manager Fritz,

Merry Christmas to you Boss! You are the leader that our business needs to pursue our goals this year. Despite of all the chaotic deadlines and big projects that we should complete for our clients, you always lend a hand when we needed it most and to make sure that we do not miss even a single detail. I and the whole staff wish you all God’s blessing fill your home and a health that never fades away to your family so you can live your life longer and happier.

For our Christmas party we give you this gift as token of appreciation of all the supervision, preaching and assistance you always give to us when we are at work, you really deserve this gift, we know that this is not enough to show how fortunate we are to have a manager like you, we look forward to have a smooth relationship with you boss and more projects to complete this New Year. But before all of that, lets enjoy the party as you read this letter and forget that we are your employees and you are our manager, lets cherish the moment together once a year. Thank you for everything Boss Fritz!


Mirage Team