Children Christmas Letter

By | December 16, 2015

Christmas day is intended not only for the family but also for children, it is the time of the year where they receive gifts and have a long weekend to relax. In order for them to give thanks to people that always been there and gave them gifts, the children Christmas letter will help them tell to people close to them that they are important for them and thankful for their companionship or help.

Sample Children Christmas Letter

To my lovely sons and daughters,

Christmas is just few days ahead and I want to say to all of you that we love you so much from our deepest hearts and souls. Me and your Mother prepared this gifts and letters so you could read our message of love for you. I hope that with this little things we could give the smile we always wanted to see in your faces, I know that this times are tough and getting all your needs is not always meet, I hope you understand out situation, not be angered if we cannot but the stuffs you wanted most as we have enough money to sustain your schooling and expenses in the house.

we just want to give you the best and what you deserve in this life, we hope that all of our teachings of good moral and true value of hard work be instilled into your mind as they will be also the lessons you will teach to your children in the future. Your mother and I will always love you no matter what happens, love your siblings and be a responsible person so you could face the future with assurance and no regrets. Let us celebrate today and make this moment be in our heart in our lifetime.