Charity Letter To Business

By | September 10, 2014

Charity letter to business is generally sent from a philanthropic organization to a reputed business firm to appeal for a generous donation for fundraising. The letter should be convincing enough and a well written charitable request letter not only helps in fundraising but it also strengthens relationship with the donor. A sample letter for reference is given below.

Sample Charity Letter To Business:


Jack Bickson

Manager, PYT. Business

Chicago, USA

Date: 7th August 2014

Sub: Charity Letter

Dear Mr. Bickson

On behalf of our philanthropic organization “Touch A Life “, I am writing this letter for the purpose of raising fund.  For almost over 50 years we have been serving the people who are in need and struggle to get the basic amenities of living.

This time we have come up with a new socio-economic plan of nourishing young minds with proper education and awareness. We have decided to set up new schools and educational center across various places in USA. This involves a total expenditure of around $5000 billion. We would share all the related details of expenditure and planning with all our investors as soon as possible.

We are writing to you with the expectation that your contribution would help us to grow and fulfill dreams of thousand young students of our country.

We are looking forward for your support and anticipate to work as a team for this noble cause.

Yours sincerely,

Hary Erricson,

Manager, Touch A Life.

[Attachment: A rough draft of the plan]