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Termination Letter for Performance

Whenever a company or a business organisation writes a letter to any of its employees to terminate him/ her on the basis of his/ her poor performance- the letter is known as the termination letter for performance. This letter is of sensitive nature and must be prepared in keeping with the format and pattern of… Read More »

Formal Termination Letter

Any termination letter written for exchange between formal channels is referred to as a formal termination letter. Also the formal termination letter as the name suggests is the official document which makes the respective termination legally formalised. A sample formal termination letter is given here in which the contract of an employee is coming to… Read More »

Notice of Lease Termination Letter

The notice of lease termination letter- it is the letter written by someone in authority to an individual or entity that has been issued a lease on a commodity. This letter type is meant to notify the receivers that lease he/ she/ it holds is being terminated. Also specified in the letter the date on… Read More »

Termination Letter for Partnership

A termination letter for partnership refers to the letter written by an entity to its business partner discussing the termination of the partnership they had. The letter is a simple formal document, a sample of which is given here for the convenience of all those in need of such a letter. Sample Termination Letter Partnership:… Read More »

Residential Lease Termination Letter

A residential lease termination letter refers to the letter written in reference to a situation where the lease taken out by an individual on a residential property is about to terminate. The letter must be formal in nature and format and should be very clear in its details. A sample is given below. Sample Residential… Read More »

Tenancy Agreement Termination Letter

A tenancy agreement termination letter refers to any letter which may be written in reference to the termination of a certain tenancy agreement. For example letter written by a tenant to landlord requesting termination, landlord requesting termination or termination by law etc. all come under the single head of tenancy agreement termination letter. Sample Tenancy… Read More »

Real Estate Contract Termination Letter

A real estate contract termination letter is the one written in a situation when a contract with real estate as the central commodity of agreement, is terminated. The letter conveys the termination related message between the two parties. A sample of the same is being given in which a real estate manager is terminating his… Read More »

Gym Membership Termination Letter

A gym membership termination letter may refer to a range of letters, all of which are written around a central point of termination of a gym membership. There may be any of the numerous possible reasons behind the termination. A sample where inactivity on part of the client is the cause of termination is being… Read More »

Medical Termination Letter

Medical termination letter is written by an employer to an employee when he is being terminated due to the medical issues and his inability to serve the company. The letter is usually written in a soft manner to inform an employee about his termination procedures and is drafted in a formal manner. Sample Medical Termination… Read More »

Rental Lease Termination Letter

Rental lease termination letter can be written by a landlord to the tenant to terminate and end the rental lease agreement. This letter may also be written by a tenant to the landlord to inform him about the termination decision. In both the cases, the reason behind the termination and other details needs to be… Read More »