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Transfer Request Letter

When a change in location of a job is required due to various reasons, personal or professional, an employee needs to write a formal transfer request letter. While writing a transfer request letter one needs to communicate his or her reason for this transfer efficiently while emphasizing the abilities and experiences. It is advisable to… Read More »

Meeting Request Letter

In order to arrange a formal business meeting or to request a business meeting with a representative, one needs to write a proper meeting request letter.  A formal meeting request letter can include the agenda of the meeting as well as some reasons for conducting the meeting. In such a letter one needs to state… Read More »

Job Request Letter To Manager

Though it seems very simple to write a job request letter, a well drafted job request letter can go a long way in short listing an employee for a job interview. In a job request letter to manager, one has to state the qualifications and job experiences clearly and also mention why he or she… Read More »

Promotion Request Letter To Manager

When an employee feels that he or she is deserved to get a higher position in the company, then it is necessary to write a formal promotion request letter to the manager. In this letter one has to state clearly how he or she has been an asset to the company in the current position… Read More »

Leave Request Letter To Boss

A leave request letter to boss is written by an employee of a company to his/her boss in order to request for leaves. These types of letters are formal in nature and must mention the reason for taking leaves, number of leaves needed and other needed details. A sample letter is given below for reference.… Read More »

Sponsorship Request Letter for Event

A sponsorship request letter for event is written by the employee who is in charge of conducting the event by his or her organization. One has to write a professional, specific and clear letter to the potential sponsor to gain support for the current event and also to achieve a long lasting financial sponsor for… Read More »

Donation Request Letter for Event

A donation request letter for event is usually written by the person in charge of an organization who is conducting any fund raising program or event.  It is written for requesting financial support from individual or organizations in order to conduct the event. A properly written donation request letter can be a great help in… Read More »

Raise Request Letter

A raise request letter is written by an employee when he or she wants to ask the employer for a salary raise due to various reasons, such as a promotion, an increase in job responsibilities or a big target achievement. The ideal way to do this is by writing a well organized and thoughtful letter… Read More »

Sponsor Request Letter

When a person or organization is conducting an event and they require sponsors to support that, it is necessary to write a polite sponsor request letter to the concerned person or organization.  The main purpose of this letter is to convey to the sponsor, how this sponsorship would be mutually beneficial for both parties. One… Read More »

Vacation Request Letter

When an employee is planning to go for a vacation, it is necessary to write a formal vacation request letter to the employer. In such a letter he or she has to state the reason for leave clearly and the number of days he or she is planning to take. It is advisable to suggest… Read More »