Immigration Reference Letter

An immigration reference letter is written to attest the credibility of an immigrant by an acquaintance or a known person. If you are going to write one for your friend... Read More

Character Reference Letter to Judge

A character reference letter to judge is written for someone going to court because he or she has broken some law. If somebody is asked to write a character reference... Read More

Rental Reference Letter

A rental or tenant reference letter is usually written by person who knows the tenant well enough to attest his or her credibility. It is a part of background check... Read More

Landlord Reference Letter

A landlord reference letter is written by a landlord for his tenant when he or she is shifting residence and moving to a new rental apartment or house. It is... Read More

Character Reference Letter for Court

A character reference letter for court is a type of a letter which is used to give a positive reference or recommendation about a person’s character to a court. Such... Read More

Character Reference Letter

A sample character reference letter is a sample of a character reference letter which a person writes and sends to another authority in order to state the good qualities and... Read More

Reference Letter for A Friend

A reference letter for a friend is written by person to refer his/her friend for a job in a company. It should be a formal letter to the concerned company... Read More

Personal Reference Letter

A personal reference letter is a type of a letter which is used by a person to give his/her personal reference or recommendation for a candidate for a certain job... Read More

Generic Reference Letter

A generic reference letter is a letter of recommendation or reference which can be considered as a very generalized letter that can be used to refer anyone for any position... Read More

Construction Project Manager Reference Letter

A construction project manager reference letter is an important piece of document for a person seeking the position of construction project manager in a reputed firm. Such kind of reference... Read More

Academic Reference Letter

Any letter which is written with the aim of referring or recommending a candidate for any academic program or course at a college or university is known as an academic... Read More

University Reference Letter

Whenever a person recommends or refers a student for a particular university, then the letter that is used to make this reference is known as a University Reference Letter. A... Read More

Medical Reference Letter

Whenever a reference or recommendation is made about a candidate’s admission to a medical program, course or university, then the letter that is written to make this recommendation can be... Read More