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Immigration Reference Letter

An immigration reference letter is written to attest the credibility of an immigrant by an acquaintance or a known person. If you are going to write one for your friend or acquaintance, then you have to introduce yourself first and then state your relationship with the immigrant. Then you have to proceed with relevant information… Read More »

Character Reference Letter to Judge

A character reference letter to judge is written for someone going to court because he or she has broken some law. If somebody is asked to write a character reference letter, it has to include his or her opinion about the charged person. It has to state his or her relationship with the person who… Read More »

Rental Reference Letter

A rental or tenant reference letter is usually written by person who knows the tenant well enough to attest his or her credibility. It is a part of background check and approval of the tenant by the potential landlord. The potential landlord wants to confirm the financial stability, reliability and stable employment of the tenant… Read More »

Landlord Reference Letter

A landlord reference letter is written by a landlord for his tenant when he or she is shifting residence and moving to a new rental apartment or house. It is a part of the tenant’s background checking by the new landlord. The landlord in the letter mentions whether the tenant was timely in their rent… Read More »

Character Reference Letter for Court

A character reference letter for court is a type of a letter which is used to give a positive reference or recommendation about a person’s character to a court. Such letters are very important and must be written formally and very carefully. These must indicate how long the sender has known the candidate. A sample… Read More »

Character Reference Letter

A sample character reference letter is a sample of a character reference letter which a person writes and sends to another authority in order to state the good qualities and character positives of the recommended candidate. Given below is a sample of a character reference letter. Sample Character Reference Letter: To, Fred Dawson Senior Recruiter Cecilia… Read More »

Reference Letter for A Friend

A reference letter for a friend is written by person to refer his/her friend for a job in a company. It should be a formal letter to the concerned company in which one has to indicate his or her connection with the person and his or her abilities to deserve that job. The content of… Read More »

Personal Reference Letter

A personal reference letter is a type of a letter which is used by a person to give his/her personal reference or recommendation for a candidate for a certain job position in a company or an educational program at an institute. The letter must be formal in tone and format. A sample is given below.… Read More »

Generic Reference Letter

A generic reference letter is a letter of recommendation or reference which can be considered as a very generalized letter that can be used to refer anyone for any position using almost the same type of content. Generic reference letters are used in the case when the writer wants to keep the reference as generalized… Read More »

Construction Project Manager Reference Letter

A construction project manager reference letter is an important piece of document for a person seeking the position of construction project manager in a reputed firm. Such kind of reference letter is normally written by the previous employer or a colleague who has closely analyzed the work of the person for whom they are writing… Read More »