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New Year Letter to Employees

The New Year letter to employee is usually made by the employer or the management of the company. This is to greet their employees for the coming of the year while recognizing their accomplishments from the previous year. The New Year letter to employee is intended to maintain the good relationship and communication among the… Read More »

New Year Letter to Clients

The New Year letter to clients is an opportunity for the business or company to grow as well not only a means of greeting them. Letters to clients is a way to inform them of the promotions, new products and latest discounts that the company is offering during the New Year season. It is a… Read More »

New Year Letter to Teacher

As the year ends and a new year will start, it is an important thing that students must appreciate every single people around them including their teachers who became a good mentor to them. A letter can be a simple method to employ but it will mean so much to the teachers when they receive… Read More »

New Year Letter to Boss

New Year is an event to be celebrated. As we move on from the past and previous years, we welcome the coming of more years. A New Year greeting is a special way that employees and staffs can do to their boss or employer. This letter is a good start to continue serving the company… Read More »

Happy New Year Letter Sample to Customers

A New Year sample letter to customers is a great way to show the greetings to your valued customers or clients. It is not only intended for a New Year greeting but also a way to remember your customers and communicates well to them through a letter. Here is a sample: Happy New Year Letter… Read More »

Happy New Year Email to Employees

New Year is a celebration day for all. As we thank all the blessings that we have received from the past years, we keep on struggling and facing with confidence the coming of another year. Aside from letters, an advance method of sending our greetings to someone can be through an electronic mail. The management… Read More »

New Year Letter to Family

A Happy New Year letter to family is a special way to express the love within the members of the family. As the year will turn into another year, we want to celebrate and reminiscing the past of the good memories. Through a letter we want to have our families on our side and keep… Read More »

Happy New Year Letter Sample

Happy New Year letter samples are of different structure and styles. Using the advance technology, the letters are personalized and made something unique and special. There are samples for happy New Year intended for different age group and kind of people. As long as the greeting for happy New Year stays, there will be no… Read More »

New Year Letter to Friends

Friends are for keeps. Any kind of letter or gift is highly valued and appreciated. As the start of another year, people let go of the past and welcome the coming of more years. A New Year letter to friends is a greeting letter that makes your bonding and friendship going strong no matter how… Read More »

Happy New Year Letter to Professor

Writing a letter is a tough and challenging task for most people. But writing a letter on greeting days such as the New Year is an appreciative to do. Happy New Year letter intended for professors is a call for students who recognize and value the works and teachings of their professors. It is a… Read More »