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Letter of Intent for Grant

Being a part of a non-profit making organization, it is important to raise sufficient funds that contribute towards the essential on-going activities. This letter will help in raising funds. Funds can either come from a foundation, an individual donor or a government organization. The letter should be written in such a way so that it… Read More »

Letter of Intent for Employment

An individual who is looking for employment writes the letter of intent. In this document, the individual mentions why he or she would be the right fit for the role. They tailor the document to mention the qualifications and skills they possess for the employment at hand. They also state any previous work experience if… Read More »

Letter of Intent for Teaching

Any individual who is looking for a teaching job composes a letter of intent. In this letter, they state their intention for contacting the individual. They lay forward the reason why they feel that they are competent enough to be appointed for that position. They provide a brief glimpse into their professional competencies. Sample of… Read More »

Letter of Intent for a Job

A letter of intent for a job is written by a person who is seeking a job in a company. It is written with an intent to positively portray one’s candidature. The letter will have the job being applied for, reason of applying and also the source of job advertisement. Here is a sample of… Read More »

Letter of Intent for Student

A letter of intent for student outlines his or her intention to enter into an ongoing program in a school or university. The letter will explain the reason why the student intends to pursue a particular course or program. The student will also say why he or she is equipped for it. Below is one… Read More »

Letter of Intent for Internship

A letter of intent is composed by an individual who wants a job. The individual states their qualifications and reasons for seeking an internship. They layout their expectations and take away from such an arrangement. They also specify why the organization was chosen by them for the same and how it can help them professionally.… Read More »

Letter of Intent for Graduate School

A letter of intent is composed by a student who is seeking admission to an institute. The students lays out their qualification and state the reason why they want to join the institute. The student is basically requesting the administrator of the institute to consider his or her proposal for admission. Sample Letter of Intent… Read More »

Letter of Intent to hire

The letter of intent to hire is written either by a company or an individual who wants to avail services of a third person. Usually it is written by a company when they shortlist the candidature of an employee. The letter will clearly mention the type of service an employee has to offer to the… Read More »

Letter of Intent for Promotion

promotion. This letter is addressed to any senior or management who takes care of the promotion of their employees. In his or her letter the employee states his or her abilities and skills thereby stating the reason company should give him promotion. Here is one such sample letter Sample Letter of intent for promotion To,… Read More »

Sample Letter of Intent College

A letter of Intent College is usually written by a student addressing the higher authority of a learning institute. Through this letter they express their intention to seek higher education form the college. Students request to allow themselves to be enrolled in their preferable course. Following is one such sample letter. Sample of Intent College… Read More »