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Power of Attorney Letter

A power of attorney letter is one that is written to communicate transfer of power of attorney by one party to another. This is a very vital letter that helps in providing information about authorization of power of attorney by providing the name and personal details of the person to whom power of attorney is… Read More »

30 Day Notice to Vacate Letter

30 days notice to vacate letter is the letter that is most commonly written by a landlord to the tenant to serve him a notice that he should vacate the rented premises within 30 days. The purpose of these letters is to convey to the reader that he has 30 days to move out of… Read More »

Attorney Cover Letter

An attorney cover letter is an application letter, highlighting the skills, competencies and experiences of the applicant who wishes to apply for the attorney post. The letters are enclosed with resume and other needed documents. Sample Attorney Cover Letter: To, Mr. Marcus Xavier, Union Bank of America, California, UK 2nd June, 2014. Subject: Attorney cover… Read More »

Legal Assistant Cover Letter

A legal assistant cover letter is a letter drafted by a candidate to apply for the post of a legal assistant. Through the letter, the candidate expresses his or her desire to support a lawyer or attorney by providing aid in all the clerical and legal matters. A sample letter is given below for reference.… Read More »

Legal Letter Format

To, Mention the name of the recipient/lawyer/judge/ any legal authority Specify the designation of the recipient Mention the complete address of the recipient or the address of the legal institute Date: Mention the date on which the letter is written Subject:  A short and a precise subject to the letter is stated. Respected____________, [salutation/greetings to… Read More »