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Job Offer Acceptance Letter

A job offer acceptance letter is a formal document that is written by a candidate in order to confirm the acceptance of a particular job position offered by an organisation. The letter needs to be drafted in a professional manner and should clearly mention the details of salary and benefits, position of job and other […]

Job Offer Proposal Letter

A job offer proposal letter serves as an official job offer letter from the employing companies or firms. These offer applications are extended out to potential employees for their appointment in a particular position in the said firm. These documents list the joining details, salary and terms/ benefits of the said job offer. Sample Job […]

Job Promotion Proposal Letter

A job promotion proposal letter is an official proposal to the higher authorities of an organization. This application is addressed by an employee who served the organization for a certain period of time and seeks a promotion in his designation for his work experience and capabilities and denotes how his promotion would benefit the organization. […]

Job Application Proposal Letter

A job application proposal letter is drafted by a candidate who wants to get hired for a certain job or position. They are addressed in a formal manner to attract the attention of the potential employer. The concerned person introduces himself through this letter and denotes how his employment would be beneficial for the employer. […]

Job Application Rejection Letter

A job application rejection letter is an official document sent as a rejection to a job seeker who has earlier applied for a particular job or position in a company. The letter also states as to why the application of the candidate has been rejected. A sample letter is given below. Sample Job Application Rejection […]

Job Promotion Request Letter

A job promotion request letter is addressed to a higher body of an organization or company by an employee. They are drafted in a compelling manner and request the concerned authority to extend promotion to the said employee. It also records his past achievements and why he should be considered for the promotion. Sample Job […]

Job Grievance Letter

A job grievance letter is addressed to a suitable authority of a concerned organization by detailing the grievances the concerned employee is having and how the said authority could help him to deal with it. A sample letter is given below. Sample Job Grievance Letter: To Dave Harlow Branch Manager, California Royal Hotel, California, USA. […]

Job Experience Letter

A job experience letter is an official statement from a past employer issued in favor of an ex-employee of an organization. This document is written in a positive note and certifies the concerned person’s positive work attitude, employer’s experience with that person and how he had benefitted the concerned organization. Sample Job Experience Letter: To […]

Job Rejection Thank You Letter

Job rejection thank you letter is a professional letter which is written by a job applicant to the recruiter while the candidate faces a rejection. It is a letter to the hiring manager respecting his decision and thanking for giving the opportunity of interview. The letter is important as it is the other way of […]

Job Confirmation Thank You Letter

A job confirmation thank you letter is a letter which is written by a person in answer to a job offer by an organization. A confirmation letter should be followed up with a gracious thank you letter. The thank you letter is meant to be polite and official. It helps an employee to be on […]